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How I Got Into Eating Healthy

To make a long story short. One day at work I had chest pain so bad that I thought I was having a heart attack!

The ladies saw me holding my chest and made me sit down. Someone called the EMS. They checked me out and said I seemed to be OK but that I should go in to get checked out to see what might actually be the issue.

The doctor checked me out. Left out of the room and came back with some medicine for me to take immediately. I asked him what did he think was going on and he said it was likely heart burn.

During that visit I was also given a several prescriptions. They told me I was over weight, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and was pre diabetic.

I knew I was considered overweight. I was about 250lb at 6”1 and the BMI chart said i should be about 189. However, until that day, I felt great.

However, my breakfast was often leftovers of spaghetti and hamburger meat with lots of sauce, hamburger and cheese. Or white potatoes with lots of hamburger meat and sauce and cheese.

At breakfast I used to eat as much as possible as fast as possible just to get it over with. I know! I know!

I thought eating was a waste of time and I wanted to get on to something more productive. At that period that meant getting ready for work!

Lucky for me though, I had just been listening to information talking about personal development. (This was the year 2000) They did mention diet and health and how much it mattered in the big picture of life.

When the doctor told me the news and handed me the prescriptions I immediately knew that I would change my diet. And guess what, he didn’t ask one question about my diet!

When I returned for a check up 2 months later 35lbs lighter with normal blood pressure and lower cholesterol, his response was, the medication is working wonderfully. I laughed and said, “I haven’t taken any medication.”

He said, ” well what happened what have you been doing?”

I told him, “I changed my diet.” He said, “Well, keep doing what you’re doing!”

And I did until I learned better. And I lost 15 more pounds and got even more healthier.

I will share more details about my weight loss journeys on the weight loss page.

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